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"Be Your


Farmer's Market!"

Questions About

Installing a Garden In Your Home or Office?

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Vegetable Garden

Herbal Garden

Teas & Tonics Garden

Barbeque Garden

Floral Cutting Garden

Juicing Garden

Salad Bowl Garden

Health & Wellness Garden

Soups & Sauces Garden

Children's Garden

Crafting Garden

SHakes &



Rosemary Parm Stuffed Peppers

Check Out Our Free Recipes Section For Easy and Healthy Homemade Goodness.  All of These Recipes Can Be Easily Made Using the Produce Grown In Your Own Raised Bed Culinary Garden!

After numerous requests we are opening subscriptions again to our wonderful monthly Tea Fans club.  The club is so much fun!  Each month you will receive a new herbal, black, green or rooibos tea, Tea Blends, neat tea related recipes and a special surprise gift all for only $28.95 per month!  Great Deals on 3, 6, and 12 month memberships too. Click Button to learn more.

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Tea of the Month Club

All Natural Products to Make You and Your Garden Glow!


Natural Hand Salve

Mother’s Earth solution to soothe, heal and protect dry rough garden hands.

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'Don't Bug Me'

Organic & All Natural

Bug Off Plant and Garden Spray

Simple yet effective non-toxic formula which kills bugs on contact as well as prevents them from invading plants.


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Organic and All Natural Nature's Nutrients Organic Plant Spray

Simple yet effective non-toxic formula provides health and nutrients to the plants.


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An incredible nutritional powder with herbs traditionally used for energy, weight loss, immunity, stress reduction and gorgeous hair, skin and nails.

Field & Forest Powder
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